(60 minutes in duration)

Our Mat Pilates classes are small and intimate and are recommended for those who have no serious injuries.

The focus of Pilates Matwork Classes is on creating balance in the body, strengthening the core postural muscles and working on stability and co-ordination. Matwork classes use your body weight to provide the resistance that your muscles work against.

With the use of small Pilates apparatus like dynabands, overballs, soft weights, swiss balls, blocks, magic circles, spiky, trigger point and Franklyn balls, core stability rollers and stability cushions, etc; Axis Pilates Studio imparts very dynamic, energetic, challenging, enjoyable and varied sessions.

The studio offers mat work classes for different levels of fitness from beginner to advanced level as follows:

Basic Mat Classes

The basic matwork classes are design for those seeking to reinforce functional movements especially after an accident, injury and or surgery.

These classes will also suit people suffering from lower back pain injury and non-injury related as well as people with knee, hip, shoulder and other issues.

The sessions are designed to mobilise every joint of the body aiming to bring functionality and increase range of movement. The classes provide a full body workout based on the Pilates Principles and fundamentals.

It is also advisable to take an initial Private Session and Movement Assessment before joining these group matwork classes so that the Teacher in charge of the session is prepared to provide alternative exercises if required, especially with difficult conditions.

Beginner Mat Classes

Introduction to Pilates. These classes are designed for people with no experience with Pilates and focused on the Pilates Principals and Fundamentals of breathing, centre, placement, neutral, control and stability.

The classes are tailored to individuals, meaning that variations of the exercises will be provided when needed so that everyone feels the benefits and work towards their own goals.

They are a dynamic and invigorating process of introducing the Pilates movements and they will give you the basics to move on to the improves level.


These classes are dynamic, full of energy and focused on the introduction of the classical repertoire, using the small Pilates apparatus, stretching and strengthening every muscle. The aim is to gradually perfect movements, placement and centring of the body and challenging control and stability.

Attendees should be healthy and have experience with Pilates. It is also required that the participants have been given the OK to move on to this level from the teacher and that there are no health issues that the exercises at this level could aggravate. The participants are responsible for their own bodies and they should let the teacher know of any issues prior to the session.

Improvers Mat Classes

Classes designed for all those who have experience with Pilates and have a general knowledge of the Pilates principals and fundamentals; willing to take the next step to intermediate level.

The classes are focused on control, stability and core strength preparing the body for the introduction of the classical Pilates repertoire.

HIP Pilates™

High Intensity Power Pilates is a more dynamic form of Pilates that combines the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates session with the dynamic energy of a high intensity workout.

Combining core strength, balance and coordination with an energetic cardiovascular element HIP Pilates is the answer to many people’s search for a functional ‘feel good’ workout.

No equipment is needed, just a mat and a light pair of hand weights.