I’ve just finished a 10-session antenatal course with Angelica. I’ve felt so much stronger in this pregnancy compared to my first, and always felt so energised after each class. The studios are immaculate with high-end equipment and accessories.

Hayley Brockie-Dunlop

I cannot praise Axis enough they are amazing Teachers who take the needs of the individual into consideration. They have made a huge difference to my quality of mobility.

Viv Kyte

In 2016 I was 71. Over a period of one month I developed a form of inflammatory arthritis in most of my joints. This had a immediate debilitating effect, I could just about get up stairs. After 37 years could not play golf … and could not even put a coat on.

Eventually medication controlled the inflammation but I still found it difficult to move as many of my joints had restricted mobility.

I had an assessment at Axis...The first thing they discovered was that I was not walking correctly due to previous pain in my ankles. A programme was planned and I opted for the reformer machine exercises ...as I could not get down ..and up for the floor exercises. I started in January 2017 and have attended weekly for the year. The progress seemed slow---but the difference in my ability to move after 3 months was very noticeable. At the end of the year my movement has vastly improved, and I am planning to play 9 holes of golf.

Thank you Angelica and Rex for your input and care.

Colin Cheeseman

“I was recommended Pilates by a spinal surgeon to help with chronic neck & shoulder pain that I have suffered with daily for over 10 years.

I had tried various physio and osteopath treatments and pain relief was only temporary.

After just one session of Pilates my posture improved and subsequently the pain eased.

I have now been doing Pilates for several months and the difference it has made is unbelievable. I can honestly say I rarely suffer with neck pain any more and have even decided not to pursue further medical treatment as Pilates been so effective. The relief from constant pain is incredible and has improved my quality of life.

The Axis team are truly amazing and I am so grateful to them for the results that I have achieved. For anyone suffering any pain I can highly recommend giving Pilates a try. “

Sophie Anderson

Having taken Pilates private sessions in other studios abroad (Europe, US and Asia), I found that the sessions with Angelica at Axis Pilates studio are one of the best Pilates experience that I have ever had. 

The studio is very well equipped and provides a comfortable environment for practicing Pilates. Sessions are really personalized and tailored to my needs. In addition to her deep understanding of the human body and mind, Angelica is kind, caring and has a high attention to detail.

My Pilates practice has reached a totally new level since I have started to work with Angelica! Highly recommended.

Emile Roden

I have found Angelica a very professional, caring and conscientious teacher who ensures that her mat class is always well paced and challenging with a good variety of exercises. As someone who has never exercised regularly in the past, I try now never to miss a session and certainly feel the benefit of her skill and encouragement. Angelica always pays attention to the varying needs of those who attend, matching her excellent knowledge of Pilates to individual requirements. I am sure that I speak for those in the group who attend regularly when I say that she is a pleasure to have as a teacher.

Margaret Borton

I attended Angelicas Pilates Back Care classes. She is an excellent teacher, most knowledgeable about the body and alignment issues.
She is very hands on in correcting poses and explaining what she is doing and why.
Her recommendations for exercises to do at home have been very helpful.

Majella Condon

Angelica was the first Pilates teacher Ed has ever had and that and we're so glad that was the case. She was patient, clear and easy to follow throughout the few weeks and picked up the level gradually and nicely as we progressed. Ed's back completely healed and strengthened over the months and for the first time in about 7 years he didn't have any back problems. It was like getting a new back! She was absolutely fantastic and we can't say enough nice and positive words about her.

Edward and Samantha Dark

Angelica has taught me Pilates for a year and a half and I very much enjoy her sessions. She is a professional and gifted teacher, rigorous yet encouraging in all her classes.
The weekly matwork lessons are varied both in content and in the small props used. The exercises are taught with precision and developed to the right level to challenge the body. I have gained in core strength and flexibility and now have better balance since suffering a nasty bout of vertigo.
Angelica has a calm, reassuring manner and is an intuitive teacher. I greatly look forward to her purposeful and fun classes.

Heather Mathieu

I attended Angelica’s intermediate/advanced classes once a week for over a year. She is quite simply an excellent teacher - and I have had several! I always came away from her lessons feeling like I had really pushed myself and developed a deeper understanding of even very familiar and basic exercises. Angelica is such a thoughtful teacher. In pushing you to advance in Pilates by using new equipment and taking on new exercises, she always maintains the basics, taking time to break new routines into very simple stages. This always gave me the confidence to try harder. I also became more aware of which parts of the body needed to be feeling it! Angelica’s approach is challenging but always done at a realistic pace and I definitely appreciated the time she took to explain each movement before starting a new exercise.

Vanessa Ketchell

I never thought I would be a Pilates kind of guy, until my first class with Angelica nearly 6 months ago. A teacher who totally teaches by example, Angelica is patient yet firm, focused, and completely connects with her class! Right from the very first class when she put me thoroughly at ease with the movements, I have never missed a single class and so look forward to every session with her. I am so glad to have had Angelica as my Pilates teacher and would highly recommend her to anyone considering taking up this amazingly cool and refreshing form of exercise.

Cherag Sukhia

I think that I have probably been coming to Angelica’s pilates class for around two and a half years, starting as a complete beginner. Looking back over this period, I realised not just how much she has taught me but also what fun it has been. Angelica has been a fantastic example and inspiration and has really made me want to go further with my pilates.
Angelica always manages to create an atmosphere in her classes where people have an effective workout but in a very relaxed, supportive environment. She is unfailingly welcoming and encouraging, focusing on the positives and not on the negatives, always recognising people’s achievements. I think that this is really important as pilates is such a personal and different experience for everyone, and people need to feel comfortable in the class, and to be able to participate in a way that works for them. 
Equally importantly, Angelica’s classes are dynamic and fun. Without exception, I feel invigorated and more positive at the end of the workout – my ideal would be a daily dose! I am always amazed at the incredible variety of exercises and routines Angelica introduce us to (especially through your use of all the equipment) and feel that this keeps the class interesting and enjoyable. I love the way that she builds on previous exercises we have done with more difficult challenges and variations. This has worked particularly well in a regular group where Angelica has worked with everyone over a period of time. I am always impressed at how she adjusts exercises to suit individual class members with different physical issues or levels of experience. 

Caroline Wilkinson